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Equipment for research of core,
reservoir fluids and fracturing materials
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The Accredited Scientific and Laboratory Center of the company acts as a testing ground for the innovative equipment “running-in”.

The Accredited (accreditation certificate RA.RU.21AP85) Scientific and Laboratory Center of JSC Geologika is an independent competent research unit performing general, special and high specialized laboratory research of well core and reservoir fluids samples in oil and gas fields, hydraulic fracturing materials, and provides expert and technological support services of hydraulic fracturing works at customer sites.

The Center includes Fracturing Materials Laboratory, which performs a full range of proppants and hydraulic fracturing fluids laboratory tests, and Petrophysics Laboratory, which carries out comprehensive core study of oil and gas fields.

The basis of laboratory divisions of the Center consists of highly qualified specialists who have worked for many years in research centers of various companies (Rosneft, Schlumberger, MeCaMineft, universities of the Russian Federation and institutes of the SB RAS). Laboratory staff includes graduates of the Novosibirsk State University, Tomsk State University, Tomsk Polytechnic University (geologists, development engineers, physicists, chemists, biologists). Many employees of the Center do not break the bond with university science and education, continuing to teach in university senior courses.

Research is performed on laboratory equipment manufactured by JSC Geologika. Cooperation with the production and the Service Center of the company allows performing preventive maintenance and equipment repairs with factory quality as soon as possible and carry out equipment modernization to meet the needs of our customers.