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JSC Geologika produces technologically sophisticated laboratory equipment that meets all modern quality standards. Experienced and qualified engineering staff of the company ensures continuous improvement of manufactured equipment, applying advanced technological solutions and products available on modern market, taking into account all the experience gained in laboratory equipment production and its operation by our customers. World quality standards application in production process, production control, multi-stage systems for checking and testing equipment and components can guarantee the consumer reliable, safe and continuous operation of the acquired laboratory equipment manufactured by JSC Geologika.

The Service department of JSC Geologika carries out installation supervision and commissioning works when delivering new equipment to the place of operation, provides warranty and post-warranty maintenance for laboratory equipment, training and support for Customer’s specialists, testing equipment certification and calibration of measuring instruments, existing or included in supplied laboratory equipment.

Specialists of the Service department take part in all stages of creating laboratory equipment manufactured by JSC Geologika, from setting up technical specifications and designing to final factory tests to confirm the technical characteristics and their compliance with the technical task. Service engineers have extensive experience in servicing both domestic and foreign technologically sophisticated laboratory equipment and in solving various technical issues.

  1. Technical support

Service department specialists are always in contact with users of the equipment manufactured by JSC Geologika and are ready to answer all questions related to equipment operation, search and supply of spare parts and warranty and post-warranty maintenance.

2. Warranty equipment maintenance

JSC Geologika provides operational support for entire warranty period of the equipment.

Service engineers can provide a full range of warranty maintenance of all equipment manufactured by JSC Geologika, both in the Service Center and at the place of operation, what allows maintaining individual devices and units without sending the whole equipment for repair.

Each request is processed by service department specialists from two to five days, depending on complexity and specificity of the equipment.

3. Post-warranty equipment maintenance

JSC Geologika offers its customers post-warranty annual maintenance services for laboratory equipment in accordance with the attached technical regulations.

Scope of work may include:

  • checking equipment completeness necessary for operating works;
  • diagnostics of equipment malfunctions in general and its individual components in particular;
  • full annual maintenance of all main units of the installation in accordance with the technical regulations;
  • complete set of spare parts and consumables required for installation operation during one calendar year;
  • full range of equipment acceptance tests to confirm its passport characteristics;
  • equipment software updating to the latest current versions;
  • technical consultancy and instructing to customer representatives.

Timely maintenance of laboratory equipment can significantly reduce repair costs and downtime.

Maintenance works should be carried out in terms of scheduled maintenance, agreed by the Service department of JSC Geology with the operating organization.

In addition to the scheduled and repair works, the Service department processes supply requests for spare parts and consumables for JSC Geologika equipment. For this purpose it is necessary to provide information on equipment name, its serial number and number of requested components. The Service department employees will independently pick up all the necessary nomenclature.

4. Equipment certification

The Service department employees have necessary qualifications and technical base for the initial and periodic certification of JSC Geologika equipment according to GOST R 8.568-2017.

JSC Geologika offers comprehensive work on initial and periodic certification of equipment:

  • installation completeness check and customer documentation verification necessary for performance of works required by the Customer;
  • operability diagnostics of the equipment as a whole and its individual components before certification works start;
  • repair list preparation (in case of inoperability or incompleteness) to clarify cost and timing of equipment repairs;
  • preparation and coordination with the CSM bodies of the program and methodology for initial and periodic equipment certification;
  • dismantling and verification of measuring instruments (SI) in the CSM bodies;
  • installation of verified measuring instruments, adjustment of equipment performance;
  • conducting primary equipment certification in conjunction with the CSM bodies representatives;
  • drawing up and issuance of the primary certification protocol;
  • technical consultancy and instructing to customer representatives.

Works duration:

  • 2 working days – the first arrival (performance diagnostics, dismantling, SI verification)
  • up to 3 working days – the second arrival (SI installation, initial certification, drawing up and issuance of the protocol)

Arrival time of the JSC Geologika representative: within 2 months from the date of signing the contract (arrival dates are agreed with the Customer and depend on the work schedule of the CSM services).

5. One-time departure of the Service department representatives

Any downtime associated with equipment breakdown is highly undesirable, and in some cases minor malfunction, to eliminate which our specialists will need a minimum time, may result in long pause in work and serious losses. If the necessary components are available, the Service department is able to carry out urgent repair, equipment adjustment and training of the Customer’s specialists.

The Service department employees can perform upon request on-site equipment diagnostics with preparation of the necessary documentation (repair list, estimates of necessary components) and carry out subsequent repair work.

JSC Geologika can arrange, upon agreement with the Customer, the arrival of the Service department specialist in any city in Russia and the CIS within three calendar days without prepayment.

6. Training of the Customer’s staff to work on the JSC Geologika laboratory equipment

Average service life of the JSC Geologika equipment is about ten years. During this time, several generations of specialists working on equipment can change, equipment may change ownership and the place of its operation. In these cases, skills to work with the particular equipment may be lost, what will affect not only equipment performance and reliability of the results, but also safety of work.

Contacts of the Service Center of JSC “Geologika”

Service Center phone: +7 (383) 209-25-24 ext. 2 (05.00 – 13.00 Moscow time)

Technical support phone (WhatsApp, Viber): +7 983 320 30 39 (05.00 – 13.00 Moscow time)


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