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Equipment for research of core,
reservoir fluids and fracturing materials
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Program-measuring “PIK-AEI” complex for filtration experiments with current saturation X-ray control

The PIK-AEI complex is designed to carry out filtration experiments (oil displacement by water/gas, determination of relative phase permeabilities and the effectiveness of physicochemical methods of enhanced oil recovery) by stationary and non-stationary methods at reservoir conditions.

Core samples current saturation is estimated by the X-ray method, which also allows to record the dynamics of displacement front and end effects presence. The complex can be used to assess core samples density heterogeneity. The software allows conducting experiments in automatic mode.

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  • Research of full-size core samples
  • Optionally, X-ray scanner can be made to conduct research with vertical and horizontal position of the core holder
  • The installation is safe for personnel and does not require placement in a special room thanks to the protective cabinet
Measured parameters
  • Phase permeability for two- and three-phase systems (liquid-liquid-gas) in accordance with OST 39-235-89
  • Core samples current saturation
  • Displacement front position
  • Open porosity at reservoir conditions
  • Open porosity dynamics when changing reservoir conditions
  • Absolute and effective liquid and gas permeability
  • Oil displacement coefficient by water / gas
Technical specifications
Hydraulic system
Crimp pressure, MPa up to 70
Pore pressure, MPa up to 70
Pore fluid supply in forward and reverse direction
Fluid-contact parts material stainless steel, titanium
Working substance
  • water mineralized up to 300 g / l
  • oil
  • gas
Pump groups
Rock pressure pump type pneumohydraulic booster
Rock pressure pump operating mode maintaining constant pressure
Maintaining pressure accuracy,% (of full scale) 0,5
Reservoir pumps for supplying liquids and gas 3 pcs. (for oil, saline and gas)
Reservoir pumps type two-plunger
Reservoir pumps operating mode ·         maintaining constant flow rate

·         maintaining constant pressure

·         maintaining  predetermined proportion when filtering three phases of fluids through a core sample from 0 to 100%

Flow rate, ml / min 0,001-50
Cylinder volume, ml 200
Maintaining reservoir pumps pressure accuracy of the rock pressure system,% (of the current value) 0,5
Maintaining reservoir pumps flow rate accuracy of the rock pressure system,% (of the current value) 0,5
Temperature maintenance system
Type heating chamber / thermostable volume + individual heaters
Operating temperature range, °C from +25 to +150
Heated elements core holder, supply tubes, separation tanks
Differential pressure measuring system
Sensor 1. Upper measurements limit, MPa 1,6
Sensor 2. Upper measurements limit, kPa 250
Measurement accuracy, % not more than ± 0,075
Separation tanks
Type with dividing piston
Volume, ml 500/1000
Maximum working pressure, MPa до 70
Maximum working temperature, °С +150
Fluid-contact parts material stainless steel
Backpressure regulator
Pressure, MPa up to 70
Control automatic, PC connection
Fluid-contact parts material stainless steel
X-ray saturation scanner
Detector Type linear / point
Clearance, mm 0.4
X-ray source, kV 120
X-ray transparent core holder
Core diameter, mm 30
Maximum column length of core samples, mm 300
Maximum working crimp pressure, MPa 70
Maximum working pore pressure, MPa 40
Maximum working temperature, °С +150
Fluid-contact parts material stainless steel

PC-based monitoring and control system

Control pumps flow rate, temperature, back pressure regulator, automatic valves
Data collection pressure/differential pressure digital sensors, pumps flow rate, temperature sensors, core saturation distribution