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X-ray transparent core holders

X-ray transparent core holders are designed for X-ray scanners and computed tomographs, for studying the core samples reservoir properties at reservoir conditions.

X-ray transparent core holders can be the “dry” (Hassler) and submersible types. Core holder design provides 3-axis core compression by crimp pressure.

Depending on construction type, sample change in core holder takes place without draining or with partial discharge of hydraulic crimping fluid.

Core holders are equipped with special plungers through which samples pore pressure and pore fluids supply and filtration are created.
Core holders can be equipped with a separate heating system including band and clamp heaters, temperature sensors, temperature measurement and control system with a PC connection.

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  • Composite core holder body provides X-ray transparent properties, with possibility of creating high reservoir pressure and temperature.
  • Various design options for core holder plungers: connection of several fluid supply lines and individual pressure measurement lines; built-in ultrasonic wave transmitters; acid resistant performance.
Technical specifications
Tested samples diameter, mm from 25 to 110
Tested samples length, mm up to 1000
Sample crimp pressure, MPa up to 80
Pore ​​pressure, MPa up to 70
Maximum working temperature, °С + 150
Cuff Viton
Fluid-contact parts material stainless steel / titanium / acid resistant alloy (Hastelloy) / Viton
Connection types NPT/Autoclave/HIP
Working positions horizontally / vertically / at any angle
Working substance • water with salinity up to 300 g / l
• oil
• gas
• acids solutions, HCL-14%, HF-5%, acetic acid – 0.2%