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Equipment for research of core,
reservoir fluids and fracturing materials
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X-ray transparent core holder for studying core mechanical properties

  • Composite core holder body provides X-ray transparent properties, with possibility of creating high reservoir pressure and temperature.
  • Various design options for core holder plungers: connection of several fluid supply lines and individual pressure measurement lines; built-in ultrasonic wave transmitters; acid resistant performance.
Technical specifications
Tested samples diameter, mm from 25 to 110
Tested samples length, mm up to 1000
Sample crimp pressure, MPa up to 80
Pore ​​pressure, MPa up to 70
Maximum working temperature, °С + 150
Cuff Viton
Fluid-contact parts material stainless steel / titanium / acid resistant alloy (Hastelloy) / Viton
Connection types NPT/Autoclave/HIP
Working positions horizontally / vertically / at any angle
Working substance • water with salinity up to 300 g / l
• oil
• gas
• acids solutions, HCL-14%, HF-5%, acetic acid – 0.2%