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The “PIK-VS” installation for restoring rock samples natural wettability at thermobaric conditions

The restoration of core natural wettability (artificial aging) is used for extracted rock samples intended for filtration and other special studies. For this, core samples are saturated with reservoir water (or its model), which is then displaced to residual values ​​by reservoir oil. In this “initial” saturation state the samples are aged under reservoir RT conditions for the required time (up to several weeks) with periodic filtration of “fresh” oil through them. Achieving natural wettability is determined by stabilizing ​​of electrical resistance values and oil permeability.

The “PIK-VS” installation consists of two independent thermostatically controlled channels, including 8 core holders, own automatic maintenance systems of crimp pressure, pore pressure, back pressure, as well as thermal stabilization system.


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Technical specifications
Independent control channels numbers 2
Core holders number per each channel, pcs. 8
Core holders type submersible
Core samples diameter, mm 30/38
Core samples length, mm from 30 to 320
Maximum working temperature, °С from +20 to +150
Thermostatic elements core holders, separation tanks, supply lines
Maximum crimp pressure, MPa 70
Maximum pore pressure, MPa 40
Pore ​pressure system operation modes
  • maintaining constant flow rate
  • maintaining constant pressure
Pumped fluid flow rate, cm3 / min from 0.001 to 50
Pore lines connection 2 pcs. at the inlet and 1 pc. at the output
Sample electrical resistance measurement two-electrode circuit