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Equipment for research of core,
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The “PIK-UZ-UES” installation for studying electrical and elastic core properties at reservoir conditions

The PIK-UZ-UES installation is designed to measure propagation velocity of longitudinal and transverse acoustic waves in rock samples in accordance with GOST 21153.7-75 and core samples electrical resistivity at reservoir conditions in accordance with GOST 25494-82. The dynamics of sample porosity is estimated by the volume of released fluid with a change in crimping pressure. The installation software automatically calculates the dynamic Young’s modulus and Poisson’s ratio.

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  • The installation complies with the requirements of GOST21153.7-75, GOST25494-82.
  • Easy sample replacement procedure without draining oil
  • Marker determination of the first entry time of ultrasonic waves
  • Automatic calculation of the sample elastic constants
  • Saving received signals in digital form
  • Can be equipped with two core holders
Measured parameters
  • Longitudinal and transverse ultrasonic waves speed
  • Dynamic Young’s module
  • Dynamic Poisson’s ratio
  • Sample electrical resistance
  • Liquid volume displaced at reservoir conditions change
Technical specifications
Cylindrical core samples diameter, mm 30 (optionally up to 110 mm)
Cylindrical samples maximum length, mm 100
Maximum working crimp pressure, MPa 100
Maximum working pore pressure, MPa 40
Volume measurement resolution, ml 0,001
Maximum working temperature, °C +150
Electrical resistance measurement circuit 2 or 4 electrode
Electrical resistance measuring range, Ohm 0,01-100 000
Ultrasonic generator operating frequency, MHz 1
Speed measurement range of ultrasonic waves passing, m / s from 500 to 9000
Ultrasonic vibration source • longitudinal and transverse waves independent excitation
• smooth adjustment of signal power
• computer and optionally manual control
Ultrasonic vibration preamplifier • two independent channels
• amplification up to + 40 dB
• digital control interface
• input protection
Vibration recorder • 100 MHz bandwidth
• 2 independent registration channels
• digital signal transmission to a computer
Measurements storage and analysis • marker determination of the first wave arrival time
• possibility to save received signals in digital form
• automatic calculation of sample elastic constants