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Equipment for research of core,
reservoir fluids and fracturing materials
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The “PIK-UZ” installation for studying elastic core properties at atmospheric conditions

The PIK-UZ installation is designed to measure propagation velocity of longitudinal and transverse acoustic waves in rock samples at atmospheric conditions in accordance with GOST 21153.7-75 with automatic calculation of dynamic Young’s modulus and Poisson’s ratio.

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  • The installation complies with the requirements of GOST 21153.7-75.
  • Easy sample replacement procedure
  • Automatic calculation of the sample elastic constants
  • Marker determination of the first entry time of waves
  • Saving received signals in digital form
Measured parameters

• Longitudinal and transverse ultrasonic waves speed
• Dynamic Young’s module
• Dynamic Poisson’s ratio

Technical specifications
Tested samples diameter, mm from 30 to 110
Tested samples length, mm from 30 to 130
Speed measurement range of ultrasonic waves passing, m / s from 500 to 9000
Ultrasonic generator operating frequency, kHz 300
Ultrasonic vibrations source • independent excitation of longitudinal and transverse waves;
• smooth adjustment of signal power;
• computer and optionally manual control
Ultrasonic vibration preamplifier • two independent channels
• amplification up to + 40 dB
• digital control interface
• input protection
Vibration recorder • 100 MHz bandwidth
• 2 independent registration channels
• digital signal transmission to a computer
Measurements storage and analysis • marker determination of the first wave arrival time
• possibility to save received signals in digital form
• automatic calculation of sample elastic constants