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Equipment for research of core,
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The “PIK-UES” automated device for measuring core samples electrical resistance

The PIK-UES device is designed to measure electrical resistance of rock samples and reservoir water samples (or its models) at atmospheric conditions in accordance with GOST 25494-82. The measured values of samples electrical resistance are used to calculate resistivity, as well as porosity and saturation parameters, the Dakhnov-Archie indicators of a, m and n dependence. Measurements accuracy is achieved by using a pneumatic electrode close to the sample surface, providing stable clamping force.

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  • Meet the requirements of GOST25494-82. The rocks. Method for determining electrical resistivity.
  • Carrying out measurements according to 2 and 4 electrode scheme
  • Transparent protective device prevents samples drying during measurements\
  • Special electrodes using in the device minimizes contact resistance
  • Computer data acquisition system for measurement results automatic recording
Measured parameters
  • Rock samples electrical resistivity
  • Pore fluids electrical resistivity
  • Porosity parameter
  • Saturation parameter “n”
  • Cementation coefficient “m”
Technical specifications
Measurement method 2 and 4 electrode
Electrical resistance measurement range, Ohm from 0.1 to 10000
Current frequency, Hz 50 ÷ 10 000
Electrical resistivity determination Accuracy, % 3
Tested samples diameter, mm from 20 to 103
Tested samples length, mm from 10 to 85