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The “PIK-SOK” core cleaning system (EXTRACTOR)

The PIK-SOK  system is designed to clean the core sample void space from reservoir and process fluids under pressure, toluene, with carbon dioxide dissolved in it. When the pressure in saturation chamber decreases, carbon dioxide is released from toluene and, expanding, displaces contaminated solvent from the samples void space. The extraction efficiency is achieved by repeated “saturation – degassing” cycle until solvent coloring terminated with the samples final drying.

Extraction can be performed both for full-size core fragments, and for core samples of different sizes and shapes; however, there are no restrictions on the minimum and maximum load. The system is equipped with a toluene recovery module and a control unit located in a separate room.


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• Maximum automation of the system
• Explosion-proof execution of all nodes
• Solvent recovery visual control
• Two saturation chambers (optionally 4 or 8)
• Adjustable chambers heating to 100 ° C with long-term temperature maintenance
• Core samples loading into chambers using a special container

Technical specifications
Core samples maximum diameter, mm 110
Number of saturation chambers, pcs 2 (optionally 4, 8)
Saturation chamber inner diameter, mm 130
Saturation chamber depth, mm, no more than 670
Saturation chamber volume, l 8.25
Maximum pressure created in the chamber, MPa 15
Saturation chamber material for core extraction stainless steel
Tank volume for “pure” solvent, l 90
Tank volume for “dirty” solvent, l 40
Adjustable chamber heating for the extraction with temperature maintenance, °С up to +100
Solvent recovery average rate, l / h 15
Sample full cleaning time, h from 4 to 12