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The “PIK-SLIMTUBE” installation for studying dynamically mixed fluids filtration

The PIK-Slimtube installation is designed to study fluids dynamic mixing processes (determine minimum miscibility pressure) at reservoir conditions on a sand packed tube.

 A long (24 m) thin (3.2 mm diameter) tube filled with prepared quartz sand is used as a reservoir model. During the experiment, recombined oil is displaced from the reservoir model by gas (hydrocarbon, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc.) or liquid solvent to evaluate the displacement efficiency depending on the discharge pressure. Viewing window with a video recording system provides visual control of outgoing fluid nature. The outgoing fluid volume is measured with a burette, and the gas – with a gas meter.

 The installation can be equipped with a chromatograph and high pressure densitometer for continuous monitoring of outgoing fluid composition and properties during the experiment.

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Measured parameters
  • Minimum miscibility pressure
  • Minimum miscibility concentration of tested fluids (mmc)
  • Optimum parameters of dry and rich gas injection
  • Oil displacement coefficient by gas
  • Sensitivity assessment of experimental extraction conditions
Technical specifications
Maximum working fluid supply pressure, MPa 70
System volume, cm3 not less than 100
Fluid pump type two-plunger, automatic
Pump operating mode • maintaining constant pressure
• maintaining constant flow rate
Pump cylinder volume, ml 100
Maximum gas supply pressure, MPa 70
Pressure measurement accuracy,% VPI 0,15
Working substance water, oil, hydrocarbon gases, carbon dioxide, solvent

Temperature maintenance system

Type heating chamber
Maximum temperature, °C 200
Heated elements reservoir model, supply tubes, piston containers
Temperature measurement accuracy, °С ±1

Visual control system of outgoing mixture

Maximum pressure, MPa 70
Fluid-contact parts material stainless steel, sapphire
Fixation digital videocamera

Back pressure regulator

Maximum pressure, MPa 70
Control manual / automatic
Fluid-contact parts material stainless steel


Type drum continuous operation
Range, l up to 10 000

Porous medium model

Tube length, m 24
Tube inner diameter, mm 3,2
Filler quartz sand 230-310mkm
Estimated porosity,% 36

PC-based monitoring and control system

Control pump flow, temperature, pressure
Data collection digital pressure sensors, flow rate pumps, thermocouples