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The “PIK-SK” installation for core samples saturation (SATURATOR)

The Saturator “PIK-SK” is designed to saturate core samples with liquid (produced water or its model, oil, kerosene, etc.) in accordance with GOST 26450.1-85. The device is equipped with two saturation chambers, vacuum and pneumatic pumps and allows sequential vacuum treatment of core and liquid samples, and samples saturation at elevated or atmospheric pressure.


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• Pneumohydraulic pump for core samples saturation under the pressure up to 15 MPa
• Large inner chamber diameter for working with full-size core
• Set of plugs to fill chamber empty volume
• Container for flushing system elements from saturation fluid
• Mobile version

Technical specifications
Maximum diameter of the saturated samples, mm 110
Number of saturation chambers, pcs 2
Saturation chamber inner diameter, mm 130
Saturation chamber depth, mm, not more than 300
Saturation chamber volume, l 4,1
Pressure created in the saturation chamber, MPa 15
Minimum residual pressure in the saturation chamber, kPa 0,2
Number of samples (d = 30 mm, L = 60 mm) placed in one chamber, pcs.,  not more than 90
Vacuuming time, min not limited

The Saturator “PIK-SK” Passport