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The “PIK-RP” installation for reservoir fluids samples recombination

The “PIK-RP” installation is designed for recombination of wellhead (separated) oil / water samples and hydrocarbon gases for further PVT studies or filtration experiments.
The main installation element is a high-pressure piston tank (recombination cell) into which the required fluids volumes are transferred. Oil and gas samples loading volumes are accurately recorded in the installation software.
Fluids in the recombination cell are mixed together using a swing mechanism, the cell is heated to required temperature.

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  • Resistance to hydrocarbon gases with a hydrogen sulfide up to 20%
  • Minimum “dead” volumes of the system
  • Automated loading samples process with uploaded volumes exact calculation
  • Swinging mechanism of recombination tank
  • Movable ball for effective sample mixing at reservoir pressure and temperature
Technical specifications
Recombination cell
Type with dividing piston
Volume, ml 1000 (other volumes on request)
Maximum working pressure, MPa up to 70
Maximum working temperature, °C +150
Fluid-contact parts material stainless steel
Sample mixing system free falling ball
Temperature maintenance system
Type individual heating
Maximum working temperature, °С +150
Heated elements recombination cell, plug-in samplers
Temperature maintenance accuracy, °С no more than ± 0,1