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The “PIK-PP” automated device for measuring porosity and permeability

The device is designed to determine open porosity and gas permeability in baric conditions by the non-stationary filtration method. The pressure drop method is uses in the device to determine permeability with the Klinkenberg correction, slip factor and inertial flow coefficients. The device is supplied with a core holder for manual core loading with a diameter of 30 mm, design of which ensures simplicity and ease of the use. Research is fully automated. Service procedures are also automated, such as: device self-diagnosis and calibration. The management program is universal and designed to achieve maximum productivity and workload. Analyzer maintenance procedures include calibration and leak testing.

State register of measuring instruments of the Russian Federation No. 53157-13

State register of measuring instruments of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Certificate No. 12154 on the recognition of type approval as a measurement medium)

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  • Measuring instruments state register of the Russian Federation No. 53157-13
  • Integrated porosity and permeability determination
  • Simple and quick sample replacement
  • High accuracy of measurements
  • Possibility to work with samples with diameter up to 110 mm and cubic samples
Measured parameters
  • Absolute gas permeability
  • Klinkenberg corrected gas permeability
  • Effective gas permeability (with residual water saturation)
  • Equivalent air permeability at a given average pressure;
  • Assessment of open porosity and gas permeability dynamics with a change in crimp pressure
  • Inertial coefficients (α and β);
  • Open porosity
Technical specifications
Tested cylindrical samples diameter, mm 30 mm (optionally up to 110 mm)
Tested cylindrical samples length, mm up to 100
Tested cube samples sizes, mm 30*30/50*50
Sample crimp pressure, MPa up to 70
Pore pressure, MPa up to 1,7
Porosity range,% from 0.1 to 40
Permeability range, MD from 0.01 MD to 10 000
Applicable gases helium, nitrogen, air

Description of measuring instrument type
MP 77-251-2018