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Equipment for research of core,
reservoir fluids and fracturing materials
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The “PIK-PN” system for studying proppant package strength

The system is designed to study the proppant and sands flowback (RCP, RCS) from a cell simulating hydraulic fracture. The system allows conducting research using water / oil or a water-oil emulsion. Pressure drop, fluid flow rate and gap width are measured at fixed compression force of the package and constant temperature. The cell design provides the ability to simulate open barrel or perforation conditions, as well as the effect of pressing proppant into the plates made of core.

Control and data collection are carried out using a computer.

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Measured parameters
  • Proppant packaging stability with increasing flow rate
  • Critical speed at which the package is destroyed
  • Packaging height
Technical specifications
Size, mm 133×133 (5.25”×5.25”)
Slit thickness, mm up to 25,4 (1”)
Maximum compression force, tons up to 100
Temperature, °C up to 150
Hydraulic Press
Type four-column
Minimum diameter of supports, mm 63,5
Maximum force of axial compression, tons 100
Control automatic
Maintaining effort accuracy, % 0,5
Fluid supply system
Consumption, l / min from 0.1 to 100
Pressure, MPa up to 4
Flow rate measurement accuracy, % ±1
Pressure measurement accuracy, % ±0,25
Temperature, °C up to +150