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The “PIK-P” gas-volumetric porosimeter

The PIK-P device is designed to measure gas porosity. The measurement method is based on a physical model of the pressure drop in camera with core sample during volume expansion by known amount (Boyle’s law). The device allows determining porosity and pore volume of weakly cemented rock samples without applying crimping pressure. The entire porosity determination procedure is fully automated to obtain reproducible data with the required accuracy.

The porosimeter is supplied with cameras for measuring porosity and calibration inserts for cylindrical core samples and cubic samples. The using of cameras is very simple, it takes only 1 minute to configure the camera to switch from one core size to another.
The complex management program is universal and designed to maximize productivity and workload. Analyzer maintenance procedures include calibration and leak testing.

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  • Simple and quick sample replacement
  • High accuracy of measurements
  • Measuring cameras set for working with cylindrical core samples (diameter up to 110 mm) and cubic samples.
Measured parameters
  • Open porosity
  • Pore volume
Technical specifications
Number of core holders, pcs 3
Tested cylindrical samples diameter, mm  25, 30, 38, 67, 80, 100, 110
Tested cylindrical samples length, mm  up to 110
Face dimensions of cubic samples, mm 30×30×30, 50×50×50
Working gas pressure, MPa 0,3
Working gas type, MPa helium, compressed air, nitrogen
Average measurement time, min 2
Porosity measurement range of, % from 0.1 to 40