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Equipment for research of core,
reservoir fluids and fracturing materials
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The “PIK-OFP/EP” installation for studying core phase permeability (2 phases)

The “PIK-OFP/EP” filtration installation is designed to determine filtration, capacitive and electrical properties of core samples during one-, two-, and three-phase stationary and non-stationary filtration at reservoir conditions. The equipment is used to determine oil displacement coefficients by water/gas for evaluating effectiveness of increasing oil recovery physicochemical methods. Fluid filtration can be carried out both in forward and reverse directions.

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  • Filtration processes data registration with graphical display of fluid flow rates, differential pressure and temperature data
  • Automatic maintenance of crimp pressure and pore pressure
  • The installation set complete with gas supply system for modeling three-phase filtration
  • Ample opportunities for retrofitting systems to expand the ongoing research range
Measured parameters
  • Relative phase permeability for the “liquid-liquid”, “liquid-gas”, “liquid-liquid-gas” systems in accordance with OST 39-235-89
  • Absolute and effective permeability for gas and liquid at reservoir conditions
  • Residual oil and water saturation
  • Displacement rate
  • Electrical resistivity
  • Open porosity coefficient at reservoir conditions
  • Open porosity coefficient change depending on the reservoir conditions
Technical specifications

Hydraulic system

Crimp pressure, MPa up to 100
Crimp pressure pump, pcs. 1
Creating crimp pressure pump type pneumatic hydraulic booster
Rock pump operating mode maintaining constant pressure
Pore pressure, MPa up to 70
Pore fluid supply pumps, pcs 2  (for oil and saline)
Creating pore pressure pump type automatic, two-plunger
Reservoir pumps operating mode
  • maintaining constant flow rate
  • maintaining constant pressure
  • maintaining predetermined proportion when filtering two fluid phases through core sample from 0 to 100%
Working substance range, ml / min. 0,001-50
Pressure from VPI,% 0,5
Flow rate maintenance accuracy, % from the current value 0,5
Cylinder volume, ml 200
Working substance
  • mineralized water – up to 300 g / l
  • oil
  • gas

Temperature maintenance system

Type heating chamber / thermostable volume + individual heaters
Working temperature range, °C from +25 to +150
Heated elements core holder, supply tubes, separation tanks

Differential pressure measurement system

Sensor 1. Upper limit of measurements, MPa 1,6
Sensor 2. Upper limit of measurements, kPa 250
Measurement accuracy, % no more than ± 0,075 / ± 0,5

Outlet fluid volume measurement system

Type visual / acoustic
Separator-meter volume, ml 200
Discreteness, ml 0,1
Fluid-contact parts material stainless steel, sapphire
Working pressure, MPa up to 70
Maximum working temperature, ° С +150

Separation tanks

Type with dividing piston
Volume 500-1000 ml
Working pressure, MPa up to 70
Maximum working temperature, °С +150
Fluid-contact parts material stainless steel

Backpressure regulator

Working pressure, MPa up to 70
Control automatic, PC connection
Fluid-contact parts material stainless steel

Electrical resistance measurement module

Type digital resistivity meter
Frequency, kHz 1
Accuracy, % 0,05
Measurement circuit 4-electrode

Core holder

Core diameter, mm 30 (optionally up to 110 mm)
Maximum column length of core samples, mm 300
Maximum working crimp pressure, MPa 70
Maximum working pore pressure, MPa 70
Maximum working temperature, ° С +150
Resistivometric saturation control 4-electrode circuit
Fluid-contact parts material stainless steel

PC-based monitoring and control system

Control pumps flow rate, temperature, back pressure regulator
Data collection pressure/differential pressure digital sensors, pumps flow rate, thermocouples, separator-meter, sample electrical resistance