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Equipment for research of core,
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The “PIK-NANO-NSF” device for measuring disintegrated core samples permeability

The device is designed to determine gas permeability of nano-permeable rocks (clay and carbonate shales, dense sandstones, etc.) using pressure drop method (GRI method). Measurements are carried out on disintegrated (fraction from 0.5 to 0.85 mm) core sample and characterize pore space permeability of rock matrix. Results of experiment, as well as interpretation curves determining permeability, are stored in results files and can be used to re-evaluate permeability without re-conducting the experiment.

Device preparation procedures include calibration and checking for gas leaks.

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  • Core samples permeability testing by the GRI method
  • Simple and quick sample replacement
  • Measurement range from 1 fD (10-15 D) to 1 μD (10-6 D)
Measured parameters
  • Gas permeability
Technical specifications
Powder granules diameter, mm 0,5-0,85
Individual sample mass, g. ~30
Permeability measurement range 1 fD (10-15 D) to 1 μD (10-6 D)
Gas pressure, MPa, (PSI) 1,38 (200 PSI)
Fluid-contact material stainless steel
Applicable gases nitrogen, helium