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The “PIK-NANO-SF” device for measuring permeability by stationary filtration method

The device is designed to determine gas permeability of rocks with ultra low permeability (clay and carbonate shales, dense sandstones, etc.) on cylindrical samples by stationary filtration under pressure conditions.
The device is equipped with two core holders for samples with a diameter of 30 and 38.1 mm, as well as thermal stabilization system. Measurements are made under crimping pressure conditions, allowing modeling the reservoir effective pressure.

Device preparation procedures include calibration and checking for gas leaks.

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  • High measuring accuracy
  • Simple and quick sample replacement
  • Maintaining constant temperature in the device entire volume
  • Crimping pressure automatic maintenance
Measured parameters
  • Gas permeability
  • klinkenberg-corrected permeability
Technical specifications
Core holders number 2
Core diameter, mm 30/38
Core length, mm 20-100
Permeability measurement range 1 aD (10-18 D) to 1 μD (10-6 D)
Pore pressure, MPa 0.1-1.7
Crimp pressure range, MPa 1-70
Crimp pressure range, MPa:

  • accuracy of temperature maintenance, °С
  • stabilized temperature, °С

± 0,1


Fluid-contact material stainless steel
Core holders sample loading type dry, without oil drain
Applicable gases helium, nitrogen