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Equipment for research of core,
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The “PIK-KPK” installation for core capillary impregnation in automatic mode (SATURATOR)

The “PIK-KPK” capillary impregnation Saturator is created for core samples automated saturation with liquid (reservoir water or its model, oil, kerosene, etc.) in accordance with GOST 26450.1-85. The presence of liquid level detection system in saturation chambers makes it possible to control the stage duration of samples capillary impregnation, providing high quality saturation of the void space even of low-porous samples.

The installation includes from two to eight saturation chambers, a vacuum pump, a fluid pump and a control system. Saturation chambers allow uploading full-size core fragments of, as well as core samples of different geometries. There are no restrictions on the minimum load.

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• Fully automated saturation process with a speed and duration reference of all stages;
• Dynamic fluid level detection in saturation chambers at any moment of the experiment;
• Pneumohydraulic pump to create pressure up to 15 MPa in the saturation chamber;
• Large inner diameter of the saturation chamber for working with full-size core;
• Set of plugs to fill the chamber empty volume.

Technical specifications
Saturable samples maximum diameter, mm 110
Number of saturation chambers, pcs 2 (optionally 4, 8)
Chamber Inner diameter, mm 120
Saturation chamber depth, mm 670
Saturation chamber volume, l 8,25
Generated pressure in the saturation chamber, MPa 15
Minimum residual pressure in the saturation chamber, kPa 0,2
Saturation chamber material stainless steel
Number of samples (d = 30 mm, L = 80 mm) placed in each chamber, pcs 96
Vacuuming time, min not limited