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The “PIK-IGС-PL” installation for studying core samples capillary properties at reservoir conditions

The individual capillarymeter “PIK-IGС-PL” is designed to determine capillary and electrical properties, as well as residual water saturation of core samples using a semi-permeable membrane at reservoir conditions. The method is based on displacement of a liquid (formation water or its model, petroleum, oil, condensate, etc.) saturating the sample pore space under the overpressure of an immiscible fluid (gas or liquid) and continuous estimation of the current sample saturation by the displaced fluid volume. Results of the research are capillary pressure curves, values ​​of residual (irreducible) saturation and electrical properties (resistivity, porosity and saturation parameters, a, m, n indicators) of each sample, measured at reservoir conditions.

The measurements are carried out at crimping pressure up to 70 MPa, temperatures up to + 150 ° С, pore pressure up to 3 MPa, in the entire range of sample permeability and water saturation of samples pore space from 100% to residual values.

The installation is a multi-channel laboratory stand with 14 (in the basic version) individual core holders, combined into groups of 7 core holders. Each core holder group is installed in a separate heating cabinet and is equipped with its own units for automatically maintaining crimp pressure, pore pressure control with a differential pressure sensor, a fluid supply container and a measuring electrical resistance system. Hydrophilic or petrophilic semipermeable membranes are used depending on the saturating fluid composition.

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Measured parameters
  • Sample water saturation
  • Electrical resistivity
  • Saturation parameter
  • Porosity parameter
  • Capillary pressure curve
Technical specifications

Hydraulic system

Crimp pressure, MPa 70
Crimp pressure pump type pressure booster
Crimp pressure pump operating mode maintaining                                                                                                          constant pressure
Inlet pore pressure, MPa up to 2
Output pore pressure, MPa 0,5
Pressure differential range, Mpa 0,01 – 1,5
Differential pressure accuracy,% of setting 0,1
Working substance gas, mineralized water, oil


Core holder

Core diameter, mm 30 or 38
Column length of core samples, mm 90
Maximum working crimp pressure, MPa 70
Maximum working pore pressure, MPa 3
Maximum working temperature, °С 150
Resistivimetric saturation control according to 2 or 4-electrode scheme

Temperature maintenance system

Type heating cabinet per group  (7 core holders)
Temperature, °С up to +150
Temperature measurement accuracy, °С no more than ±1

Differential pressure measurement system

Sensor 1. Upper measurements limit, MPa 0,02 – 2,0
Measurement accuracy, % no more than 0,1


Electrical resistance measurement module

Type digital resistivity tester
Frequency, kHz 1
Accuracy, % 0,05

Characteristics of a PC-based monitoring and control system

Control Switching resistance meter between core holders
Data collection pressure/differential pressure digital sensors,                                                                  thermocouples, sample resistivity

Characteristics of core holder groups

Number of groups per rack, pcs 2
Number of core holder in the group, pcs. 7


Displaced fluid volume measurement system

Saturation change accuracy, ml 0,1
Maximum volume of measuring flask, ml 20