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The “PIK-GAZMETER” gas volume measuring device

The gas meter is designed to determine free gas volume at atmospheric conditions. The gas meter includes two glass piston measuring chambers with hydraulic strapping and piston position measuring system. Chamber volumes hold 2000 and 1000 ml. Manual gas meter taps switch gas flow or discharge into one of the chambers. Chambers can be hydraulically connected to use their total volume. Linear displacement sensors are used for accurate measurement the piston position; pistons position indicator is provided on the front panel.
The gas meter is equipped with gas temperature measuring system. The software calculates gas volume at normal conditions based on temperature.

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  • Two measuring chambers with three working volumes: 1000 cm3, 2000 cm3, 3000 cm3
  • Data digital acquisition and calculation
  • Sulfur-containing gases studies
  • Precise linear displacement sensors for accurate volume detection
Measured parameters
  • Free gas volume at normal conditions
  • Gas temperature
Technical specifications
Operation mode manual
Gas meter total volume o, l 3
Measuring chamber volume I, л 1
Measuring chamber volume II, л 2
Volume resolution, ml 0,35
Working pressure atmospheric
Working temperature range, °С from room temperature to +40
Fluid-contact parts material stainless steel, glass