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The “PIK-GAZMETER” automatic device for gas volume determining

The “PIK-Gasmeter” automatic gas meter is designed to determine gas amount released at atmospheric conditions. Gas enters the measuring cylinder with a motorized movable piston. The pressure in the cylinder is automatically maintained at 0.1 MPa; when it is exceeded, the piston automatically moves, increasing gas volume. Piston movement is monitored by a linear sensor, its records are converted into incoming gas volume value. The gas meter is equipped with thermal stabilization system.

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  • Automated control and data collection
  • Thermal stabilization during measurements
  • Mixing system
  • Oil and gas condensate research
Measured parameters

• Free gas volume at normal conditions
• Gas temperature

Technical specifications
Operation mode automatic
Gas meter total volume, l 10
Maximum gas flow rate, l / h 40
Volume resolution, cm3 0,253
Working pressure atmospheric
Working temperature range, °С from room temperature to +40
Fluid-contact parts material stainless steel
Temperature maintenance system
Type thermostatically controlled volume
Working temperature range, °С from room temperature to +40
Temperature measurement accuracy, °С no more than ±1
Temperature resolution, °C ± 0,1