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The PIK-FL installation for studying proppant and hydraulic fracturing fluids transportation

The PIK-FL installation is designed to evaluate hydraulic pressure losses in pipes, as well as to study proppant transport characteristics in a hydraulic fracture model. The installation consists of a hydraulic fracturing fluid preparation and mixing unit with a metering pump for the precise supply of chemical additives and hydraulic fracturing fluid and proppant mixer. The system for studying rheological properties makes it possible to determine shear stress, apparent viscosity of hydraulic fracturing fluid and other parameters. Transparent hydraulic fractures model has a variable geometry (optional) and allows user to visualize proppant transport and deposition process.

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Technical specifications
Linear hydraulic fracturing gel preparation unit
Tank capacity for linear gel fracturing preparation, l 200
Maximum heating temperature, °С 90
Mixer rotation speed range, rpm 0‑1500
Linear gel injection pump
Maximum flow, l / min 50
Maximum working pressure, MPa 1,6
Pump type screw
Stapler metering pump
Supply discreteness, ml 0,01
Feed accuracy, % 0,5
Chemical metering pump
Supply discreteness, ml 0,001
Feed accuracy, % 0,5
Determining pressure losses section 1 (due to friction)
Inner diameter, mm (inches) 15,748 (0.62)
Line length, m 6
Differential pressure sensor measuring range, MPa 0‑0,25
Determining pressure losses section 2 (due to friction)
Inner diameter, mm (inches) 10,992 (0.43)
Line length, m 6
Differential pressure sensor measuring range, MPa 1,6
Flow meter
Type coriolis
Flow measurement range, kg / min 0‑60
Flow measurement accuracy,% VPI 0,25
Density measurement accuracy,% VPI 0,5
Slit rheometer
Fracture model length, m 2
Fracture model height, m 0,2
Fracture model thickness, mm 2; 4; 8; 10
Maximum working temperature, °С 90
Maximum working pressure, MPa 0,2
Temperature sensor type ТС Pt100
Pressure sensor measuring range, MPa 0‑1,6
Differential pressure sensor measuring range, MPa 0‑0,25
Video registration system +
Material stainless steel, polycarbonate
System flush pump
Flow rate, l / min 150
Type submersible, suction


PC-based monitoring and control system

Control pumps flow rate, temperature, pressure
Data collection digital pressure sensors, pumps flow rate, thermocouples