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The “PIK-API RP 61” installation for measuring proppant pack conductivity

The “PIK-API RP 61” installation is designed for studying operational characteristics of proppant pack in thermobaric conditions corresponding to reservoir or established regulatory documents. The equipment allows evaluating long-term and residual packs conductivity of all types of proppants (ceramic proppants and quartz sands) by performing continuous measurements of compression forces of the pack, its height and liquid permeability at pore pressure up to 5.2 MPa (720 psi) and compression pressure up to 138 MPa (20,000 psi).

The equipment and measurement procedures comply with the standards: GOST-P 51761-2013, ISO 13503-5, API RP-61.

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  • Wide studying range of additional parameters (proppant packaging strength («Leak-off»), determination of gas flow turbulence factor («beta-factor»), crush resistance equipment («crash-test»))
  • The installation can be equipped with an additional set of cells and a press for simultaneous study of four proppant samples.
Measured parameters
  • Long-term proppants conductivity
  • Long-term proppants permeability
  • Short-term proppant packaging conductivity and permeability
  • Proppant pack height depending on applied pressure
  • Residual conductivity with hydraulic fracturing gel filtration effect into layer and filter cake formation
  • Residual conductivity and permeability of the hydraulic fracturing fluid – proppant system in reservoir conditions
  • Crush resistance (mass fraction of broken granules) (optional)
Technical specifications
Rod measuring system cell
Standard ISO 13503-5
Material stainless steel
Pack thickness measurement Mitutoyo ID-U1025E sensor
Pack thickness measurement accuracy, microns 25
Proppant leveling device included
Silicon dioxide saturator
Maximum working pressure, MPa 10
Maximum working temperature, °С + 150
Volume, ml 300
Hydraulic Press
Type four-column
Minimum diameter of supports, mm 63,5
Maximum force of axial compression, tons 100
Control automatic
Maintaining effort accuracy, % 0,5
Pump LN-100 supplying pore fluid
Type double plunger
Maximum pressure, MPa 10
Minimum flow rate, ml / min 0,001
Maximum flow rate, ml / min 100
Cylinder volume, ml 100
Pressure maintenance accuracy,% VPI 0.5
Flow rate accuracy,% of current value 0.5
Working environments saline / oil
Operating modes
  • maintaining constant flow rate
  • maintaining constant pressure
  • programmable cycles with gradual change of the set parameter (change in pressure/ flow rate by a predetermined amount in a given time)
Heating system
Fluid preheating +
Cell heating +
Maximum temperature, °С 150
Temperature maintenance accuracy, °C ±0,5
Heated elements conductivity cells, saturator, lead-in tubes
Differential pressure sensors
Measuring range, kPa (PSI) from 0 to 7 (from 0 to 1,0)
Accuracy, % ±0.075
Absolute pressure sensors
Measurements upper limi, MPa 10
Accuracy, % ±0.25
Backpressure regulator
Lower limit, kPa 2,07
Upper limit, MPa 10
Fluid preparation system
Number of containers 1
Container volume (not less), liters 15
Maximum pressure, MPa 0.5
Oxygen removal system +
Vacuum system +
PC control and data collection system

System element Data collection Control
Fluid pump + +
Automatic pressure maintenance press system + +
Heating system + +
Absolute pressure sensors +
Differential pressure sensors +
Pack thickness measurement +