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Proppant pack conduction cell (for PIK-API)

The proppant pack conduction cell is designed for linear velocity distribution flow with reservoir and proppant area 64.5 cm2 (10 in2). Two versions are available: single and double cell. Delivery set includes: cell body (two bodies for double version), upper, lower and middle pistons with connecting hydraulic lines ports, heating system (heating of pistons and cell bodies), rod system for installing proppant pack width sensors, molding for filling sandstone plates with sealant, device for proppant leveling in the cell, set of installation probes.

The equipment is fully compliant with standards: ISO 13503-5, API RP-61.


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  • The cell can be made of both stainless steel and acid-resistant alloy (Hastelloy)
  • Different height options for the main cell body (76, 100, 200 mm)
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