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The subsystem determining gas flow turbulence factor for the “PIK-API RP 61” installation measuring proppant packaging conductivity

The gas supply subsystem is designed to determine gas flow turbulence factor (beta-factor) for proppant. The subsystem allows supplying prepared gas to the cell of “PIK-API RP 61” installation measuring proppant packaging conductivity. Gas flow preparation involves supplying dry or humidified heated gas to the cell with flow rate measurement.

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Technical specifications
Controlled gas supply module
Working environment nitrogen
Gas consumption, nl / min up to 400
Flowmeter block, pcs. 2
Pressure, MPa up to 7
Measurement point to gas preparation module
Gas supply control manual control
Gas flow measurement module
Flow meter 1, nl / min 1 — 50
Flow meter 2, nl / min 8 — 400
Gas preparation module
Gas preparation lines saturated gas supply, dry gas supply
Saturated gas supply two thermostatic containers with water for gas passage
Dry gas supply container with ceramic particles
Temperature, °C 95
Pressure, MPa up to 7
Hydraulic gas supply system
Gas pressure regulator manual control
Pressure, MPa up to 7
Gas supply control manual valves
Hydraulic fittings for supplying gas to the cell included
Measurement and data collection unit
PC control gas temperature
PC data collection pressure, temperature, gas flow