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“PIK-RKT-225-HPHT” X-ray computer tomograph for core at reservoir conditions

The “PIK-RKT-225-HPHT” X-ray computer tomograph is designed for core samples tomography at reservoir conditions and is used for the current assessment of reservoir model saturation and displacement front dynamics during filtration experiments (oil displacement by various agents, relative phase permeabilities in “liquid-liquid” and “liquid-gas” systems, etc.).

The X-ray source and detector rotate around and move along a stationary subject, providing continuous control of the experimental parameters. The use of a solid-state detector and an x-ray tube with a small focal spot allows achieving maximum shooting resolution.
X-ray transparent core holder made of composite materials ensures compliance with reservoir conditions for filtering experiments. Without a core holder, the tomograph can be used for tomography of a full-size core or its samples at atmospheric conditions.

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  • Tomography software is compatible with AvizoTM software products
  • Tomograph is safe for personnel and does not require placement in a special room thanks to the protective cabinet
Measured parameters
  • Core samples saturation
  • Position and shape of the displacement front
  • Interlayers tilt angles
  • Mineral inclusions
  • Slope crack distribution

specific surface of cracks

  • Caverns / inclusions volume
Technical specifications
Layout subject horizontal position
Scanning mechanism rotating pair source-detector moving along the subject axis
Spatial resolution, microns 150  (for core with a diameter of 30 mm)
Contrast resolution, % 0,5
Maximum length of the subject, mm 1000
Maximum diameter of the subject, mm 150
Type CMOS x-ray sensor technology
Active area, cm 12.8 x 12.8
Capacity, bit 14
Pixel size, microns 150
X-ray machine
Maximum voltage, kV 225
Maximum current, mA 30
Maximum power, W 1600
Focal spot size IEC 336, mm:
at 900 Wat 1600 W



Cooling system water/antifreeze with flow and temperature control
Protective cabinet
Material steel lead
Dose rate less than 1.0 μSv / h at any point of 10 cm distance from the cabinet surface
Test samples (phantoms) set for tomography quality control
Resolution control test sample with characteristic element sizes: 150 microns
Contrast control test sample for checking contrast resolution: solid object with density variation insert of 0.5%.

Hydraulic system

Maximum crimp pressure, MPa 70
Maximum pore pressure, MPa 40
Working substance
  • water mineralized up to 300 g / l
  • oil
  • gas
Fluid-contact parts material stainless steel, titanium

 Core holder

Core diameter, mm 30
Maximum column length of core samples, mm 300
Maximum working crimp pressure, MPa 70
Maximum working pore pressure, MPa 40
Maximum working temperature, °С +150
Fluid-contact parts material stainless steel, titanium