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Optical multiphase high pressure separator

Optical multiphase high pressure separator is designed to accurately determine the incoming mixture fractional composition during filtration experiments.

The separator is a device consisting of two pressure vessels connected to each other in the upper and lower parts. The first vessel receives the mixture from core holder output and fluids gravitational separation. The second vessel is equipped with visual control sapphire windows and accurately determines the entering it phases volume. Detection of phase boundary position during the experiment is carried out by video measurement system consisting of high-resolution camera, backlight installed behind the separator, and software. The software automatically defines liquid / liquid and gas / liquid section boundary, calculates phases volume and core sample saturation degree changes.

Calibration procedures are provided that allows user to accurately measure volume and makes the measurements independent of incoming fluids type. Video measurement system allows not only to measure received volumes, but also to save process image throughout the experiment.

Optionally, the optical separator can be equipped with an automatic valves system.

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Technical specifications
Working pressure, MPa 70
Maximum working temperature, °С +150
Separator total volume, ml 230
Volume measurement resolution, ml 0,005
Volume determination accuracy, ml ± 0,1
Fluid-contact parts material stainless steel, sapphire, Viton
Working substance • water with salinity up to 300 g / l
• oil
• gas