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LN-P series laboratory piston pumps

The LN-P series laboratory piston pumps are designed to create continuous fluid flow without pressure pulsations.

Piston pump operation principle is based on displacement of fluid from cylinder cavity by moving piston from its lowest position to its highest. This version of hydraulic pump part allows using it for pore fluids and aggressive substance direct supply without additional separation tanks (piston containers). The pump consists of two independent pressure cylinders, equipped with automatic valves to ensure smooth switching from one cylinder to another. Fluid-contact parts are made of corrosion-resistant materials (stainless steel, titanium). Pumps can be designed heat-resistant for operating at temperatures up to 150 ° C.

The pump is controlled by a touch screen located on the front panel. The pump controller can be connected to PC by provided software. The pump software allows user to work both in twin and in separate cylinder operating modes: each pump cylinder can operate in its own independent mode.

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Basic modes of the pump operation
  • Constant pressure automatic maintenance
  • Constant flow automatic maintenance with pumped volume accurate calculation
  • Exact liquids dosage
  • Automatic backpressure mode: maintaining pressure by fluid withdrawal
  • Programmable cycles with gradual change of given parameter: pressure / flow rate change by a set value in a definite time
  • Manual device control
Pump models technical specifications
Specifications Model
LNP-210-520 LNP-520-260
Versions Single / Double plunger Single / Double plunger
Max. pressure, MPa 21 52
Min. flow rate,  ml / min 0,0001 0,0001
Max. flow rate,  ml / min 100 50
Volume supply resolution, nl 32 8,2
Cylinder volume, ml 520 260
Flow rate accuracy,  % of the current value 0,5 0,5
Pressure maintenance accuracy, % of VPI 0,15 0,15