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Fluid pressure pneumohydraulic amplifier

Fluid pressure pneumohydraulic amplifier maintains the necessary line pressure by compressed air acting on a large diameter piston.

Due to the installed pressure sensor feedback automatic regulator controls compressed air pressure. Automatic pneumatic control valve carries out pump piston return stroke. When pump plunger reaches its extreme positions, the valves open or close, discharging or collecting hydraulic fluid from a low-pressure tank.

Crimp pressure unit control can be manual or automatic.

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  • Pneumatic drive is applicable in explosive environment
  • Automatic maintenance of the set pressure level
  • Low noise factor
Technical specifications
Plunger working volume, ml 75
Maximum developed fluid pressure, MPa 70
Working substance oil, water
Control pressure (compressed air), MPa 0,1-0,6
Working temperature, °С 20-65
Operating mode • pressure rise
• pressure maintenance
• depression